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Why I Cleaned Up My Laundry Routine

I’m a crunchy millennial mom proudly living in The Middle of Nowhere, Montana, where my kids get to run through pine forests and the nearest doctor is an hour away, and I care about what my family uses.

When I started raising a family in particular, I started noticing parallels between a lot of common health problems and the products in my cabinets. When I started reading labels and Googling, it became abundantly obvious — what we were washing our laundry in contained exactly the chemicals responsible for what we were feeling.

From there, this research-mad mom went on a mission to clean up our laundry routine (and the cabinet under the sink, while I was at it). Here’s what drove me to the edge, and the solution that I finally fell in love with.


#1 — I Was Getting Migraines

Migraines are the freaking worst. Loss of vision, blinding pain, and a solid 48 hours in which I’m pretty much useless to my family and my work. As mommy hormones entered the picture, I finally pinpointed it down to one unsuspecting culprit: artificial fragrances.

These things. Are. EVERYWHERE.

  • Skincare products
  • Shampoo
  • Cleaning products
  • Laundry detergents

I realized I was literally wearing something every day that had a chemical in it that could trigger a migraine — detergents and fabric softeners.

#2 — I Was Showing Signs of Hormonal Imbalance

In addition to the migraines, which are definitely hormone related, I was noticing some odd symptoms that always seemed to tie back to one thing – my hormones were out of whack.

I realized that the chemicals in my detergent were not only being absorbed through my skin round the clock, but also directly linked to endocrine system disruption.

The endocrine system creates and distributes hormones that are responsible for a massive amount of critical bodily functions — a faulty endocrine system is a recipe for disaster. Here’s what you can thank yours for taking care of:

  • Milk production
  • Growth and production of muscle and bone tissues
  • Thyroid balance
  • Metabolism
  • Blood chemistry
  • Sex hormone production

In short, your endocrine system is worth protecting. Ditch the chemical detergents.

#3 — My Son Was Breaking Out

When I gave birth to my first tiny human, I did what most first-time moms do —  I took the Googling to a whole new level. When my son started getting red patches when he was around my heavily fragranced relatives, I realized those fragrances were particularly harmful to babies.

His skin would break out with an angry red patch where he had been exposed directly to something, like my grandmother’s downy scented clothes, or the freshly cleaned carpet.

Forget the laundry routine – I went on a vendetta to seek out every product in our home that contained these chemical additives and artificial fragrances and vanquish them, once and for all.


#4 — Breast Cancer Runs in My Family

Further research revealed that chemicals that disrupted the endocrine system and your body’s natural hormone production were linked heavily to cancer — namely, breast cancer.

With two close relatives diagnosed with breast cancer in my family, I decided it wasn’t worth the risk.

#5 — I Live In a Beautiful Place (That I Want to Protect)

Beyond the health concerns (which were definitely piling up), all of this research made me realize one thing – the chemicals we put in our washing machine wind up back in the environment at some point.

Even if they’re going into a septic tank or a water treatment plant, the chemicals we use on our laundry are typically not biodegradable, and very hard to remove. Often, they reenter the water table, where they can have a heavy impact on marine life.


#6 — I Wanted To Reduce My Plastic Waste

Without any form of plastic recycling nearby, those plastic jugs of laundry detergent were really starting to add up, and there were only so many other uses I had for them. I knew I needed to find a liquid detergent option that DIDN’T produce a plastic jug every time I ran out.


Meet My Clean Green Laundry Routine

You guys — SO much research, SO many products, SO much trial and error went down before I nailed this routine top to bottom.

And now, it’s all yours.

Here’s the most eco-friendly, hypoallergenic laundry routine ever that tackles everything — from stains to cloth diapers.


My Laundry Detergent: MyGreenFills

GreenFills is a laundry product company that specializes in three things:

  1. Natural laundry detergent and products
  2. Reducing waste
  3. Having the most convenient system EVER